The Greek Temples of Paestum and the Mozzarella cheese

The Greek temples of Paestum are some of the most stunning ancient monuments in Italy. Still standing after 2500 years, they embody the Greek ideals of beauty, rationality, and the sacred. This day trip takes you along the Amalfi Coast and the Bay of Salerno to the low, often flower-filled plain looking out to the sea where the three temples stand. You will have time to explore the vast site consisting also of a Roman town with forum constructed on top of the original Greek settlement. The museum is worth a look for the wonderful Tomb of the Diver, terra cotta clay pots still filled with now-crystallized honey, and other treasures from the site.

These fertile grassy plains are perfect for nourishing the famous water buffalo of Campania, most likely brought from Sicily by the Normans in 1000 AD. And, luckily for us, close to Paestum is one of the region's top mozzarella di bufala producers where we can arrange a degustazione of their wonderful cheeses, followed by a classic pasta from the area and a scrumptious, seasonal dessert.

Total tour time 6-8 hours. Price upon request.

Paestum Mozzarella

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